Changes In Church Architecture

The architecture of the churches has evolved over time. For instance, the basic construction feature of a church is that it is designed as a cross; it is usually shaped as a long and a central rectangle along with rectangles on the sides, one in front that represents the altar space which is also called

Bible And The New Generation

For school children it is important to be taught how to believe in the Bible, said to be the word of God. Indeed, when children are told by assertive religious leaders that it is the words in this Holy book that will guide you and you need not doubt nor have fear about anything, it

Sanctification Of Churches

The word sanctification, especially in the context of the church, means something sacred and the term “sanctified church” could mean any church in general but this term is specifically used to denote Pentecostal Christianity. This is a movement that was brought by slaves in American soil and hence, this church movement has certain religious and

Tracing The History Of Church Buildings

A church is not only the place to go for worship for those who follow the faith or religion of Christianity, but it also represents a distinct architectural setup and features that distinguish churches across the world. There are certain features that are common church building designs. For instance, traditional churches are designed in ways