Bible And The New Generation

Bible 7 Sep

Bible And The New Generation

For school children it is important to be taught how to believe in the Bible, said to be the word of God. Indeed, when children are told by assertive religious leaders that it is the words in this Holy book that will guide you and you need not doubt nor have fear about anything, it helps to build a support system of belief that helps youngsters have a strong sense of faith to rely upon.


Indeed, those who have undergone gospel sessions when messages from the Holy Book are read, conveyed and asked to be accepted as truth, it helps to instill the seeds of faith in a higher power that will keep us strong when the going is tough, help us listen to our conscience and know how to base our judgments on.

Many religious groups often wonder how to get across to the Millennial and instill faith or a sense of religious belonging. For that, in Christianity, a relationship with the Bible is important. Though it still remains one of the most read books, there is growing skepticism that is seen in modern generations and many of the Gen X and Millennial generations do not hold the words of the book as sacrosanct as their previous generations did. However, that is an attitude that is taken towards most holy or religious scriptures as the olden times depicted, the archaic language and references used often do not make sense or have relevant meaning to the modern generations.

Though there are modern digital formats of the religious texts like the Bible, the problem is probably not going to be solved simply by where the religious texts made available to children and others of the younger generation. As in missionary schools and those attached to churches and faith communities, it is important to use a social concept to create the right environment by placing the seeds of faith and influencing the youngsters with the words of wisdom as laid in such texts. Many communities have come up with dinner church and similar ideas that are based on socialization programs. My friend at asbestos removal Vancouver (Read more about him) has created a dinner group like this with incredible success. These include having meals together, coffee, maybe and form social groups of people who come to know about each other. This then helps to create the platform for discussions on faith and can help to foster an environment where discussions on religion, on what is written in the Bible and Bible stories are encouraged.